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Who’s who

Company with long experience and with a long experience staff and technical knowledge too .

First work experiences are made in the spinning area for family reasons through Omatex srl company , in which we mature a complete large commercial vision.

After more than 5 years was born a second phase very long inside Omatex Rimach company,manufacturer of flats knitting machines opening new branches in Italy,fairs abroad and knowledge of markets including those Asian and Arab provided us a global comprehension of the market in fast evolution.

Finished this long 10 years experience ,we established a new company in the same field (knitting machines and relatives machines for sweaters production) with which we open a profitable cooperation with commercials agencies in the american countries (north and central)and then,with a second step,also south americans markets.

Begin experiences with some manufacturers of flats knitting machines that lead us to deepen markets (in particular indian market) and of the emerging countries such as Syria, Lebanon and Turkey with participation in various fairs and partecipating to a large commercial network.

This global knowledge allows us to offer machines of different types and covering most of the textile chain, including producers of machines for socks and retailers well introduced (due to lack of time now we only accept specifics requests).

We rely on technical experts, original spare parts and compatible, assistance to 360 degrees in the shipping of equipment and products serving customers worldwide.

From the end of 2014 we are involved in a new business partnership with Mandarin Ltd. company in Conegliano (TV) Italy, which exclusively distributes flat knitting machines, leader in this field with the name of Fei Hu (Flying Tiger Technology).

In the current year we acquired new markets adding aprox 50 countries in which Mandarin company is present or directly or through agents.